Francine A. Thompson

Website: LinkedIn: Who is Francine A. Thompson? “I’m Francine – a designer based out of San Diego focused on brand design but always expanding. My work has its roots in curiosity and smart strategy but comes to life through considered, holistic systems that give brands life. I work beyond the Graphic Designer title. […]

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Karen Spears

Website: Twitter: @kareracter Who is Karen Spears? “Karen Spears is the founder of Kareracter, a creative firm specializing in hand-lettering projects. Kareracter’s most recent project is The Wintrust Mural, in collaboration with The Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund. Past art commission clients include The Chicago Foundation for Women, Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia, and Village […]

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Chindo Nkenke-Smith

Website: Twitter: @OrdinaryChin Who is Chindo Nkenke-Smith? “Freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer, with a penchant for providing brand elevations both on and off-screen. With a design approach that pulls influence from a background in visual merchandising and styling, my distinctive executions have opened the door for partnerships with corporate brands like Amazon and […]

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Greg Bunbury

Website: Twitter: @gregbunbury Who is Greg Bunbury? “My name is Greg, and I’m a freelance Graphic Designer with a social focus. I design communications that enable organisations, communities and causes to connect with their audience. I design creative strategies, logos, posters, advertising, and brand marketing communications. I do this in instances where those who […]

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Jermaine Dickerson

Website: Twitter: @themaineofsteel Who is Jermaine Dickerson? “My journey begins in the bustling city of Detroit, as a young artist and aspiring superhero. In my bright red cape, I would often fight imaginary foes until I was inspired to translate my heroic adventures on paper. Years later, my passion for art inspired an interest […]

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Opal Lynch

Website: Twitter: @opalalynch Who is Opal Lynch? “I am a visual problem solver. My small business marketing design experience has honed my attention to detail and stoked my passion for branding. I have experience with print and web including, but not limited to publications, catalogs, posters, logos, marketing collateral, web banners, HTML emails, WordPress, […]

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Starline Hodge

Website: Twitter: @starlinex Who is Starline Hodge? “Hi, I’m Starline. I was born and raised in Miami, FL, but currently live in Los Angeles. I earned a BA in Digital Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida, where I learned that I’d like to make cool drawings and graphics all day. I’m formally […]

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Elon Blackwell

Website: Twitter: @elonblackwell Who is Elon Blackwell? “With 25+ years of graphic design experience, I understand the importance of delivering projects on-time and on-budget without compromising the creative side of the marketing message. I’m always looking for ways to contribute to new creative endeavors, sharing my passion for brand identity and consumer focused design. […]

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Garrick Gibson

Website: Twitter: @garrickgibson Who is Garrick Gibson? “By utilizing pictures, symbols, colors and words to simplify complex issues, tell a story, communicate ideas and create understanding in a compelling way, I offer over 15 years of experience in the field visual communications. As a “Creative Geek,” Visual Communicator and Publisher—with career experience in marketing […]

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Danielle Meadows-Stinnett

Website: Twitter: @octanedesigns Who is Danielle Meadows-Stinnett? “Hi I’m Danielle! I love broadway musicals, decaf coffee, air guitar solos, chorale music and live MMA. I choose to mimic my Creator, live humbly & laugh often. I’ve been fortunate to accumulate amazing colleagues and business partnerships that could help your business make deeper connections to your […]

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April Rashad

Website: Twitter: @AprilRashad Who is April Rashad? “I’m passionate about creating brand experiences that engage audiences and drive results. With 6 years working in the design field, I’ve contributed to diverse institutions and companies by creating strong designs using color, typography and layout, providing art direction and delivering dynamic designs, including info-graphics that have […]

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Hammed Okunade

Website: Twitter: @OkunadeGoodMan Who is Hammed Okunade? “I live to create clean, smart and functional design, with a focus on Branding and Editorial Design. When I’m not designing or eating Shawarma, I’m roaming streets, taking photos of architecture and everyday life. Other times, I gush over brilliant storytelling in film (and all the typography […]

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Glenford Laughton

Website: Twitter: @GGLaughton Who is Glenford Laughton? “With over 20 years of industry experience, I have worked as a graphic designer with start-ups, corporations, design agencies, marketing companies and individuals from across the world. I love creating effective compelling visual solutions and I bring in-depth industry expertise and multi-disciplinary skills to any project. I believe […]

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Jade Purple Brown

Website: Twitter: @jadepurplebrown Who is Jade Purple Brown? “Jade Purple Brown is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director based in New York. Specializing in graphic design, illustration, and brand image for fashion, beauty, and art based brands. Using bold blocks of color and strong female figures, Jade creates dynamic art that encourages herself and […]

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Valerie A. Williams

Website: Twitter: @onehipsista Who is Valerie A. Williams? “I’ve been blessed to provide creative web, print and branding expertise and beyond for major corporations, entertainers and professional athletes since 1998. I’m passionate about supporting my clients with creative that reflects and represents who they are but more importantly, where they are destined to go. […]

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Elton Leonard

Website: Twitter: @SonofLoveDeity Who is Elton Leonard? “Elton Leonard started professionally creating art at the age of 19. Mr. Leonard joined The American Broadcasting Company in 2006. As a graphic designer, Mr. Leonard developed and implemented marketing and branding strategies/programs globally. His role entailed designing and illustrating a broad range of design projects from […]

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Dreona Ross

Website: Twitter: @dreonaross Who is Dreona Ross? “Hello, my name is Dreona Ross and I am here to bring your creations and ideas to life! I am very creative and talented in all areas of design! I currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic & Web Design from the International University of Art & […]

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Jade Broomfield

Website: Twitter: @jadeINDIE Who is Jade Broomfield? “I’m a graphic and social impact designer residing in Brooklyn, New York. I also specialize in illustration and hand lettering. I love pizza, pop culture, and afro taming. I’m a great story teller who firmly believes in Black Girl Magic. I tweet my feelings and am told […]

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Lionel Durimel

Website: Twitter: @lioneldurimel Who is Lionel Durimel? “Hey, I’m Lionel Durimel, a freelance Art Director and Designer from Paris. I’ve been performing digital and print design, brand identity and interactive experiences. Also part of the Awwwards jury, I had the chance to collaborate with different agencies such as ImmersiveGarden, Bonhomme & Antro. I’m a […]

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Jennifer Moy

Website: Twitter: @MonoMonoTweets Who is Jennifer Moy? “I’m a spunky graphic designer new to the San Francisco Bay Area that has a passion for life and creativity. I enjoy the challenge of developing a solid concept and turning it into a successful design. I have an in depth understating in the marketing and advertising […]

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Zaid Hisham

Website: Twitter: @zaidhisham Who is Zaid Hisham? “I help outdoor eCommerce retail companies make more money by using design to increase conversions. My experience spans mobile, responsive web, gaming, and desktop applications for startups, eCommerce and large software companies. I’ve worked on products for: Microsoft Azure Xbox One Intel Red Bull CDK Stillmotion […]

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Nijel Taylor

Website: Twitter: @nijeltaylor Who is Nijel Taylor? “Nijel Taylor is a visual designer skilled in branding, corporate identity, and animation. A recent graduate of The University of the Arts (2014), he graduated as the Valedictorian with honors in Graphic Design. As a designer at Lippincott, he has had the great fortune of designing for […]

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Richard White

Website: Twitter: @rowhite211 Who is Richard White? “A creative professional with over 20 years of experience as a creative director, graphic designer, web designer, user experience and user interface (UX/UI) designer in all media. Recognized for improving consumer perception and global market position. Transforms ideas into successful brand building, design and interactive projects. Demonstrates […]

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Michael-Andrew Spalding

Website: Twitter: @mandrewspalding Who is Michael-Andrew Spalding? “I’m Michael-Andrew Spalding. I studied art with a concentration in graphic design at Olivet Nazarene University. I am currently communications coordinator at Lima Community Church. In addition to my position at LCC, I run my own creative freelance business with services in design, photography and video. I […]

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Valerie Thompson

Website: Twitter: @LeapGraphics Who is Valerie Thompson? “I am a true artist at heart and love to help organizations look the best they possibly can to the world. Regardless of industry, budget, audience or age, it excites me to creatively form a marketing and promotion solution for businesses that stimulates growth. I love to […]

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Whit Robinson

Website: Twitter: @whitrobi Who is Whit Robinson? “With a BFA in Communication Arts and Design, Whit has gained extensive experience designing projects for both government and private industry clients. A team player committed to understanding client needs and exceeding expectations since 1993. He’s a strategic thinker with experience taking projects from concept to award-winning […]

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Terry Biddle

Website: Twitter: @TBiddy Who is Terry Biddle? “Terry Biddle (a.k.a. as T. Biddy and Biddy) is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, type designer, writer and humorist. A graduate of Howard University and Pratt Institute, Terry draws from a background in fine art, film production, writing, and comedy performance. Terry has studied and performed […]

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Dana James Mwangi

Website: Twitter: @danajamesmwangi Who is Dana James Mwangi? “I’m a wife, mom and entrepreneur. In 2012, I started Cheers Creative, my graphic design practice. I am all about good energy, and I love partnering with people who are passionate about what they do and understand that good design yields high results. Previously I designed […]

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