Ndubisi Okoye

Website: https://www.ndubisiokoye.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ndubisi-okoye-45621672 Who is Ndubisi Okoye? “Ndubisi graduated from College for Creative Studies in Detroit in 2015 with a B.F.A. in Advertising Design. Before graduating, he began his career working as an Art Director for many advertising agencies in Detroit. His client roster includes General Motors, Chevrolet, and Chrysler. Before accepting his first […]

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Shanée Benjamin

Website: https://www.shaneebenjamin.com Twitter: @shaneebenjamin Who is Shanée Benjamin? “Hey! I’m Shanee Benjamin, ur local colour loving, 1970’s fashion obsessed, art director and illustrator from Brooklyn, NY. With almost a decade of design experience, I made the leap into digital illustration, focusing on passionately telling the stories of LGBTQIA+ black and brown folks. Creating community and […]

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Shannon Wright

Photo: Sarah Schultz Taylor Website: https://shannon-wright.com Twitter: @shannondrewthis Who is Shannon Wright? “I’m an illustrator and cartoonist based out of Richmond, Virginia. Some of my clients include The Guardian, TIME Magazine, NY Times, Mother Jones, NPR, Google and Scholastic. My debut graphic novel, TWINS, is out on shelves. I make personal and original stories invoking […]

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Mike Toney

Website: https://miketoney.com Twitter: @MikeToneyDesign Who is Mike Toney? “I believe that everything we enjoy is well designed. I’m excited by the challenge of combining form and function to produce creative content that improves the viewers’ overall experience. I graduated from Northeastern University in 2011 with a BFA in Graphic Design, although I began my career […]

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Channing Bailey

Website: https://channingbailey.com Twitter: @channingbailey Who is Channing Bailey? “Channing Bailey is a design and communication meliorist whose work ranges from high-growth startups to household names. Channing is proud to partner with some of the world’s most ambitious and forward-thinking brands. As the Chief Creative Officer of Channing & Company and Aspire: A Human Development Company, […]

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Morris Callegari

Website: https://morriscallegari.com/ Twitter: @morriscallegari Who is Morris Callegari? “Morris Callegari is a designer/illustrator living in Berkeley, CA. He’s currently a 3D Artist at Meta. On nights and weekends he’s been working on his short film, Elsewhere, which wrapped in April and is currently being entered into film festivals.” (source)

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Aurélia Durand

Website: https://www.aurelia-studio.com/ Twitter: @4ur3liad Who is Aurélia Durand? “Aurélia Durand’s art is a vivid celebration of diversity. She dedicates her artistic voice to matters involving representation. Aurélia represents Afro-descendants as joyful, proud, and empowered — a united community whose destinies are intertwined. These colorful personalities present the unified voice of a global community whose hopes, […]

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Olivia Fields

Website: https://www.ohfields.com/ Twitter: @tncts Who is Olivia Fields? “Olivia Fields is an African-American illustrator born, raised, and residing in Brooklyn, NY. She specializes in delicate line work, creating compositions that attempt to balance chic with chaos. Her work is largely influenced by Black beauty and identity, which she seeks to represent and uplift. Commonly explored […]

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Robert Generette III

Website: https://www.behance.net/generette Twitter: @Rob_Zilla_III Who is Robert Generette III? “Hello. I draw stuff…with my iPad Pro. Since the age of three, I’ve been imitating life and expressing myself through lines. With age, I’ve honed my skills, sought formal training and mastered techniques in both traditional and digital mediums. As of late, my focus is on […]

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Laura Galbraith

Website: http://lgalbraith.com/ Twitter: @laura_the_gal Who is Laura Galbraith? “Collaborating with mission driven orgs for over a decade to embrace design thinking methodologies, UX research, and user centric strategies, creating products that improve lives. Brands I’ve worked with include: New York Public Radio, iHeartRadio, Merriam-Webster, Discovery Channel, Saveur Magazine, Parenting Magazine and others. No stranger to […]

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Da’zha Petersen

Website: https://www.daepetersen.com/ Twitter: @DaePetersen Who is Da’zha Petersen? “Hello, My name is Da’zha, but I go by Dae. Being raised in south Florida in a Caribbean household, I find my calling and happiness in food and the arts. For as long as I can remember, I find home and comfort in libraries and art stores. […]

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Jay Davis

Website: https://www.natalagedavis.com/ Twitter: @artlessjay Who is Jay Davis? “My work as a designer and illustrator runs the gamut, from typography and book covers, to marketing and email campaigns. Some of the work included here comes from my personal passions —women artists, literature, and sustainable design— but I’ve also been fortunate enough to do work for […]

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Janiece Allison

Website: https://www.janieceallison.design/ Twitter: @allison_janiece Who is Janiece Allison? “I am a senior product designer, animator and illustrator with 8 years of professional experience. I enjoy working in a field that allows me to put my passions to work daily. My long history of self-teaching and working in a wide variety of work environments has made […]

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Starline Hodge

Website: http://www.starlinehodge.com/ Twitter: @starlinex Who is Starline Hodge? “Hi, I’m Starline. I was born and raised in Miami, FL, but currently live in Los Angeles. I earned a BA in Digital Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida, where I learned that I’d like to make cool drawings and graphics all day. I’m formally […]

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Karabo Poppy Molestane

Website: https://www.behance.net/Karabo_Poppy Twitter: @karabo_poppy Who is Karabo Poppy Molestane? “Karabo Poppy Moletsane is a Gold Craft Loerie award-winning Johannesburg based Illustrator/Designer who is passionate about the preservation of the African aesthetic. She is drawn to all that makes South Africa so full of zest, culture and innovation. She also founded a creative agency called Mother Tongue […]

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Jade Purple Brown

Website: http://www.jadepurplebrown.com Twitter: @jadepurplebrown Who is Jade Purple Brown? “Jade Purple Brown is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director based in New York. Specializing in graphic design, illustration, and brand image for fashion, beauty, and art based brands. Using bold blocks of color and strong female figures, Jade creates dynamic art that encourages herself and […]

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Oscar Joyo

Website: https://www.oscarjoyoart.com Twitter: @oscarjoyo Who is Oscar Joyo? “At a young age, he was introduced to art by his mother but his passion grew through animation, comic books, video games and film. He moved to the United States in 2000 from Malawi and lived in South Bend, Indiana where he continued to pursue art to […]

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Aaron Cowdery

Website: https://www.aaroncowdery.com Twitter: @ChakraXcartoons Who is Aaron Cowdery? “Aaron Cowdery, based in the greater New York City area, has been working in the animation industry since 2012. Originally from the Philly suburbs, Aaron is passionate about the storytelling and problem-solving qualities of animation. Graduating with a BFA in Animation from the University of the Arts […]

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Elton Leonard

Website: http://eltonleonard.com Twitter: @SonofLoveDeity Who is Elton Leonard? “Elton Leonard started professionally creating art at the age of 19. Mr. Leonard joined The American Broadcasting Company in 2006. As a graphic designer, Mr. Leonard developed and implemented marketing and branding strategies/programs globally. His role entailed designing and illustrating a broad range of design projects from […]

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Monique Steele

Website: http://moniquesteele.tumblr.com Twitter: @momosteele07 Who is Monique Steele? “I have always been a very nostalgia riddled person. At my core I long for days that I have already experienced, for that joy of being a kid running through the sprinklers at summertime and the pure exaltation of just growing up. I constantly strive to relive […]

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Maika Sozo

Website: https://www.sozomaika.com Twitter: @SOZOMAIKA Who is Maika Sozo? “SOZOMAIKA is a digital illustrator, concept artist, and 3D generalist currently based in New York City. Maika is best known for her approach towards fashion design in her character illustrations. There is a notable influence from noir and eastern design elements in her work. So far she […]

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Myisha Haynes

Website: http://www.myishahaynes.com Twitter: @palaceofposey Who is Myisha Haynes? “I am a dedicated 2D games artist, concept artist and illustrator with experience creating in-game, published 2D art for a top-selling cross-platform game studio. I have experience in working in Unity, Maya, and Spine, along with published sequential art in Elements Anthology by the award-winning Beyond Press […]

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Terry Biddle

Website: http://www.terrybiddle.com Twitter: @TBiddy Who is Terry Biddle? “Terry Biddle (a.k.a. as T. Biddy and Biddy) is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, type designer, writer and humorist. A graduate of Howard University and Pratt Institute, Terry draws from a background in fine art, film production, writing, and comedy performance. Terry has studied and performed […]

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Brittany Bowers

Website: http://thebowhaus.com Twitter: @ItsBamBaby Who is Brittany Bowers? “My name is Brittany Bowers and I am a young graphic designer currently living in Atlanta. I am proud to be a graduate and Alumni of the Savannah College of Art & Design. Being a well-rounded designer is a major aspect to my overall approach and I am […]

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Vaughn Fender

Website: http://vaughnfender.com Twitter: @vaughnfender Who is Vaughn Fender? “Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Vaughn is a designer, illustrator and letterer. His work is marked by hand-drawn characters, letters, vibrant colors, and a bit of randomness. When not 9-to-5ing at Taylor Design in Stamford, he spends the other hours creating in a variety of ways for […]

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Michael C. Lurry

Website: http://michael-christopher.com Twitter: @MykLCris24 Who is Michael C. Lurry? “Michael is a highly talented creative prevention consultant living in the Washington, DC area. His concepts and designs have helped bring success to many prevention campaigns across the country. Michael started his career in graphic design at Van Nostrand Reinhold, a small professional reference publishing house […]

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Whitney Booker

  Website: http://www.safisnero.com Twitter: @lumenavi Who is Whitney Booker? “I’m looking to do something that I won’t grow tired of. I want to be creative and work in a field where I can use my creativity and skills to their fullest and be challenged. To me, that field would be animation, illustration, graphic design, sound design, […]

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Andrea Pippins

Website: http://andreapippins.com/ Twitter: @flygirlblog Who is Andrea Pippins? “Andrea Pippins is a designer and educator with a penchant for cool and personality as warm as her Brazilian roots. Andrea’s first glimpse into the design world began when she encountered a television profile about a magazine art director, she then saw Halle Berry’s role as an art director […]

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