Sharae Gibbs

Website: LinkedIn: Who is Sharae Gibbs? “A Founder, Director, and Interaction Designer. I leverage my knowledge of Human-Centered Design and UX to mentor junior designers. As an instructional designer, I combine my passion for design and technology to develop curriculum. I enjoy teaching, nature, art, and playing spades.” (source)

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Zaid Hisham

Website: Twitter: @zaidhisham Who is Zaid Hisham? “I help outdoor eCommerce retail companies make more money by using design to increase conversions. My experience spans mobile, responsive web, gaming, and desktop applications for startups, eCommerce and large software companies. I’ve worked on products for: Microsoft Azure Xbox One Intel Red Bull CDK Stillmotion […]

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Karelia Jo Moore

Website: Twitter: @theory143 Who is Karelia Jo Moore? “Hi. I’m Karelia (pronounced kuh reel yuh), and I enjoy designing useful products and services for people. I have a particular interest in healthcare, financial education, and the public sector. I’m currently an Experience Lead at Huge in Washington, DC, where some of the clients I’ve […]

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Jessica Royals

Website: Twitter: @jessica_royals Who is Jessica Royals? “I’m a UX Designer creating user-centered experiences on mobile and desktop platforms—from news and information apps, to multimedia storytelling experiences, to tools for newsmakers. My ultimate satisfaction is in making experiences that are meaningful, engaging and easy to use. My approach to product design is holistic. I […]

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MaCherie Edwards Rust

Website: Twitter: @MacherieEdwards Who is MaCherie Edwards Rust? “Hi, I’m MaCherie, a User Experience Designer who: Knows the difference between UI and UX (and can help you out with both) Tells engaging stories that build empathy and generate user-centered experiences Checks her ego and biases at the door Believes it’s possible to create products that […]

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Sabella Flagg

Website: Twitter: @MacandRow Who is Sabella Flagg? “I began building websites at age 11 on a wheezing Packard Bell and haven’t looked back. My current responsibilities include creating the concept, wireframe and design for websites and web/ mobile applications along with front-end development. My work is influenced by a background in traditional art and I’ve […]

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Chikezie Ejiasi

Website: Twitter: @chik Who is Chikezie Ejiasi? “I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – the second largest city in the hawkeye state, with my twin brother and two awesome sisters. In my early years I spent more time gaming on my Sega Genesis than I did toying around with a computer, let alone design. […]

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