Elon Blackwell

Website: https://elonblackwell.com/ Twitter: @elonblackwell Who is Elon Blackwell? “With 25+ years of graphic design experience, I understand the importance of delivering projects on-time and on-budget without compromising the creative side of the marketing message. I’m always looking for ways to contribute to new creative endeavors, sharing my passion for brand identity and consumer focused design. […]

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Danielle Meadows-Stinnett

Website: https://lexoctane.com/ Twitter: @octanedesigns Who is Danielle Meadows-Stinnett? “Hi I’m Danielle! I love broadway musicals, decaf coffee, air guitar solos, chorale music and live MMA. I choose to mimic my Creator, live humbly & laugh often. I’ve been fortunate to accumulate amazing colleagues and business partnerships that could help your business make deeper connections to your […]

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