Dr. Melisa Achoko Allela

Website: https://melisallela.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melisaallela Who is Dr. Melisa Achoko Allela? “Dr. Melisa Achoko Allela is an Interactive Media designer and Lecturer at the Technical University  of Kenya. She also dabbles as an illustrator, animator, researcher and eLearning specialist. Her creative and research work explores the convergence of experimental animation and emerging technologies in storytelling. Her […]

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Emmanuel Kala

Website: https://github.com/ekala Twitter: @bytebandit Who is Emmanuel Kala? “I have extensive practical experience in end-to-end software product development for higher educational institutions, social enterprise, embedded systems and the Internet of Things.” (source, abridged)

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Mark Kamau

Website: http://uxafrica.co.ke Twitter: @Mark_Kamau Who is Mark Kamau? “I use a human centered design approach to help organizations innovate and grow. I specialize in solving problems for African contexts by employing a process that identifies latent needs and hidden opportunities, bringing new thinking, products and services to market. I believe design is the most powerful […]

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