Karen Spears

Website: https://karennichole.norby.live Twitter: @kareracter Who is Karen Spears? “Karen Spears is the founder of Kareracter, a creative firm specializing in hand-lettering projects. Kareracter’s most recent project is The Wintrust Mural, in collaboration with The Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund. Past art commission clients include The Chicago Foundation for Women, Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia, and Village […]

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Leandro Assis

Website: https://lebassis.com/ Twitter: @lebassis Who is Leandro Assis? “Hi! I’m Leandro Assis, a brazilian lettering artist and art director based in Rio. But you can call me @lebassis. I’m known for super bold letterings, colorful palettes and playful illustrations, drawing the attention for global brands and agencies to digital projects and marketing campaigns for the […]

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