April Speight

Website: https://www.vogueandcode.com/ Twitter: @vogueandcode Who is April Speight? “April Speight is an author and developer advocate based in Beverly Hills, CA. She graduated from the University of Maryland University College with a BA in Global Business & Public Policy in addition to a certificate in Business Project Management. She later pursued and completed a MA […]

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Jerome Hardaway

Website: https://vetswhocode.io/ Twitter: @JeromeHardaway Who is Jerome Hardaway? “Jerome Hardaway is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft and The Executive Developer of Vets Who Code. Having served in the Air Force as Security Forces then transitioned into software engineering, he is focused on helping underrepresented members in the veteran community learn and break into tech. […]

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Janiece Allison

Website: https://www.janieceallison.design/ Twitter: @allison_janiece Who is Janiece Allison? “I am a senior product designer, animator and illustrator with 8 years of professional experience. I enjoy working in a field that allows me to put my passions to work daily. My long history of self-teaching and working in a wide variety of work environments has made […]

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Tasha Lufti

Website: https://tashalutfi.com Twitter: @designdivvva Who is Tasha Lufti? “Tasha Lutfi has the ability to breathe life into any vision or idea. She once said ‘show me a desert, and I will create Vegas’ signifying her knack to conceive brilliant design concepts from a wasteland. Currently, Tasha is bringing her vision and strategic insights to Microsoft […]

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Christian Nwamba

Website: https://www.codebeast.dev/ Twitter: @codebeast Who is Christian Nwamba? “My name is Christian Nwamba, also called Codebeast. I’m a Software Engineer and love making things that might possibly work using JavaScript. I currently work as a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate🥑 at Microsoft. I was also a Developer Advocate for 2 years at Cloudinary before joining Microsoft. […]

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