Olivia Fields

Website: https://www.ohfields.com/ Twitter: @tncts Who is Olivia Fields? “Olivia Fields is an African-American illustrator born, raised, and residing in Brooklyn, NY. She specializes in delicate line work, creating compositions that attempt to balance chic with chaos. Her work is largely influenced by Black beauty and identity, which she seeks to represent and uplift. Commonly explored […]

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Ari Curtis

Website: https://www.byaricurtis.com/ Twitter: @ari_curtis Who is Ari Curtis? “I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and designer. My writing generally explores the way media and culture interact with our lived experiences—for instance, the intersections of “reality” and reality, race and gender, and movements and the media that covers them.” (source, abridged)

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Darlene Brown

Website: http://www.dchristinedesign.com/ Twitter: @DCDesign_com Who is Darlene Brown? “My specialty is front-end web design and development, creating your dream design in Photoshop and turning it into beautiful, clean HTML & CSS. My passion for design is only challenged by the allure of making it extend beyond the flat and static and into the interactive, though […]

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Jade Purple Brown

Website: http://www.jadepurplebrown.com Twitter: @jadepurplebrown Who is Jade Purple Brown? “Jade Purple Brown is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director based in New York. Specializing in graphic design, illustration, and brand image for fashion, beauty, and art based brands. Using bold blocks of color and strong female figures, Jade creates dynamic art that encourages herself and […]

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Adrian Grant

Website: http://adriangrant.org/ Twitter: @AdrianGrant Who is Adrian Grant? “I paid for college by cutting hair, selling Hip Hop beats, and modding cell phones. Ohh wait, that’s two truths and a lie. You’re not here for that…you want a business summary so here goes… 🔸I love startups and helping startup founders succeed 🔸 My decade plus career […]

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Addison Spears

Website: https://addspears.com/Twitter: @AddSpears Who is Addison Spears? As an experienced designer and creative strategist equipped with an MBA, I am deeply passionate about working with people to make their vision a reality. I love projects where I can help people reach their audience, express their message, and create unique ways to connect their organization and […]

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Valerie A. Williams

Website: https://ohsdesign.com Twitter: @onehipsista Who is Valerie A. Williams? “I’ve been blessed to provide creative web, print and branding expertise and beyond for major corporations, entertainers and professional athletes since 1998. I’m passionate about supporting my clients with creative that reflects and represents who they are but more importantly, where they are destined to go. […]

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Jade Broomfield

Website: http://www.jadejbroomfield.com Twitter: @jadeINDIE Who is Jade Broomfield? “I’m a graphic and social impact designer residing in Brooklyn, New York. I also specialize in illustration and hand lettering. I love pizza, pop culture, and afro taming. I’m a great story teller who firmly believes in Black Girl Magic. I tweet my feelings and am told […]

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Nijel Taylor

Website: http://nijeltaylor.com Twitter: @nijeltaylor Who is Nijel Taylor? “Nijel Taylor is a visual designer skilled in branding, corporate identity, and animation. A recent graduate of The University of the Arts (2014), he graduated as the Valedictorian with honors in Graphic Design. As a designer at Lippincott, he has had the great fortune of designing for […]

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Kim Goulbourne

Website: http://kimgoulbourne.com Twitter: @kimmikye Who is Kim Goulbourne? “The digital world is where my heart lies. My focus lies in pixel perfect designs for all types of websites and developing them with semantic and emerging front end web technologies. As the web continues to advance, more people rely heavily on online services; my goal is […]

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