Christian Nwamba

Website: Twitter: @codebeast Who is Christian Nwamba? “My name is Christian Nwamba, also called Codebeast. I’m a Software Engineer and love making things that might possibly work using JavaScript. I currently work as a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate🥑 at Microsoft. I was also a Developer Advocate for 2 years at Cloudinary before joining Microsoft. […]

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Hammed Okunade

Website: Twitter: @OkunadeGoodMan Who is Hammed Okunade? “I live to create clean, smart and functional design, with a focus on Branding and Editorial Design. When I’m not designing or eating Shawarma, I’m roaming streets, taking photos of architecture and everyday life. Other times, I gush over brilliant storytelling in film (and all the typography […]

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Udo Nkwocha

Website: Twitter: @thisisudo Who is Udo Nkwocha? “Ever since I stumbled upon the article ‘How to become a hacker’ by Eric Steven Raymond I have been passionate about computers. My insatiable curiosity about technology makes me a life-long learner seeking to understand the inner-workings of complex stuff. I am particularly passionate about front-end web […]

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Rasheeda Mandeeya Yehuza

Website: Twitter: @rasheedayehuza Who is Rasheeda Mandeeya Yehuza? “I am a driven technology enthusiast, software engineer, product and project implementer, problem solver, social entrepreneur and have ventured into a couple of entrepreneurial works and led and managed teams and products. My fascination runs wild and I enjoy reading random articles online and have a […]

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Abimbola Femi-Adigun

Website: Twitter: @tanwakoku Who is Abimbola Femi-Adigun? “I’m an innovative, highly motivated and result driven User Interface/Experience Designer with about 8 years progressive experience. I have a penchant for combining creativity and cutting edge technology to provide usable solutions. I have worked on several projects that span through Print Design, Web Design and Development, […]

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