Kaila Pettis

Website: http://lckrroom.com Twitter: @KPology1 Who is Kaila Pettis? “Ben Franklin said the only certain things in life are death and taxes. But, I say it’s death, taxes, sneakers, sports and design. From scribbling friends’ names onto trapper keepers during class to filming music videos for local artists, I’ve always been enamored with creating things. I […]

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Felesia McDonald

Website: https://iwebdesign360.com/ Twitter: @felesiadenon Who is Felesia McDonald? “My daughter recently asked me, ‘Are you always thinking about user experience’ after I made a comment about an online game that we were playing. The answer was ‘yes, I am because if it’s done right you don’t have to think about it!’ Bad design irritates me….which […]

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Rodney Crimes

Website: https://madebycrimes.com Twitter: @RodneyCrimes Who is Rodney Crimes? “Hello, I’m a hybrid designer who specializes in developing brands, products, and print/digital marketing. I’ve been fortunate to work for an array of agencies and companies such as Resource Ammirati, IBM, DSW, WD Partners and Nationwide. I have learned a great deal from my decade of experience […]

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Michael-Andrew Spalding

Website: https://michaelandrewcreative.co Twitter: @mandrewspalding Who is Michael-Andrew Spalding? “I’m Michael-Andrew Spalding. I studied art with a concentration in graphic design at Olivet Nazarene University. I am currently communications coordinator at Lima Community Church. In addition to my position at LCC, I run my own creative freelance business with services in design, photography and video. I […]

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Valerie Thompson

Website: http://leapgraphics.com Twitter: @LeapGraphics Who is Valerie Thompson? “I am a true artist at heart and love to help organizations look the best they possibly can to the world. Regardless of industry, budget, audience or age, it excites me to creatively form a marketing and promotion solution for businesses that stimulates growth. I love to […]

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