Chris Grant

Website: Twitter: @OnlyChrisGrant Who is Chris Grant? “A multidisciplinary product designer based primarily in SF, NY, and LA. His work has focused on search/discovery, identity, personalization, productivity, systems, and transaction experiences. He dabbles in the world of emergent consumer and enterprise tech. No soliciting please.” (source)

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Arneice Hart

Website: Twitter: @arneicehart Who is Arneice Hart? “Hi, I’m Arneice, a multidisciplinary designer, and Sr. Product Designer at Capital One Bank, in Washington, DC. I’ve spent the last 10 years connecting innovative brands, like Google, ClassPass, Karma, and Vita Coco, to audiences that crave a functional, yet beautiful, digital experience. In the process, I’ve developed […]

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Erin Newby

Website: Twitter: @Erin_Newby Who is Erin Newby? “I’m currently a product designer at Nasdaq. I have experience in many different industries and across multiple platforms. In addition to designing mobile products I advocate for accessibility — and, in my downtime, you can find me with my nose in a book with a freshly brewed cup […]

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Micah Carroll

Website: @_micahcarroll Who is Micah Carroll? Hi, i’m Micah and currently i’m deeply interested in product design and development. when i say development i mean front end, because i just love css. I found my way into design realm from making forum signatures for free and then eventually coding my own website. that was […]

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Todd Bennings

Website: Twitter: @toddbennings Who is Todd Bennings? “I’m from the same place James Brown is from. So if there’s anything I can guarantee it’s the FUNK. I’m all about places where design thinking takes precedence. Where iron sharpens iron. Where learning never stops. In the midst of creatives who work hard to make special […]

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Jared Erondu

Website: Twitter: @erondu Who is Jared Erondu? “I’m a writer and designer from Brooklyn, living in San Francisco. In the past, I’ve worked with Evomail (co-founder), Omada Health, Envato, TED, and Treehouse among others. Currently co-founder & editor of The Industry, and design lead at Lift. Advising companies here and there.” (source)

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