Charles Babb

Website: Twitter: @charlesbabb Who is Charles Babb? “Creative technologist with broad experience in all aspects of project management and coordination, marketing, business management, organizational development, and solution navigation. Direct experience in video game production, research and development, film and television production, graphic novel development, project management, event promotions, trend analysis, and negotiations.” (source)

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Wes Lewis

Website: Twitter: @theweslewis Who is Wes Lewis? “I am a digital experience consultant with a passion for delivering aesthetically-amazing, universally-accessible, digital products. I’ve been fortunate to lend my expertise in user experience design and agile project management to clients across multiple federal agencies and top-tier consulting firms over the past 14 years. Coaching, motivating, […]

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Rasheeda Mandeeya Yehuza

Website: Twitter: @rasheedayehuza Who is Rasheeda Mandeeya Yehuza? “I am a driven technology enthusiast, software engineer, product and project implementer, problem solver, social entrepreneur and have ventured into a couple of entrepreneurial works and led and managed teams and products. My fascination runs wild and I enjoy reading random articles online and have a […]

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Mark Kamau

Website: Twitter: @Mark_Kamau Who is Mark Kamau? “I use a human centered design approach to help organizations innovate and grow. I specialize in solving problems for African contexts by employing a process that identifies latent needs and hidden opportunities, bringing new thinking, products and services to market. I believe design is the most powerful […]

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