Francine A. Thompson

Website: LinkedIn: Who is Francine A. Thompson? “I’m Francine – a designer based out of San Diego focused on brand design but always expanding. My work has its roots in curiosity and smart strategy but comes to life through considered, holistic systems that give brands life. I work beyond the Graphic Designer title. […]

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Braylan Gray

Website: Twitter: @BrayGray Who is Braylan Gray? “Based in the Bay Area, I design digital interfaces that focus on unique branded experiences. I’m a techie and design geek at heart, and I love hacking culture to deliver thoughtful digital products to users. My primary areas of focus are UI/UX, art direction, and branding; and […]

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Erwin Hines

Website: Twitter: @erwinhines Who is Erwin Hines? “I am a Creative Director at BASIC where I help develop brand programs and digital platforms for companies like Google, Beats By Dre, Nixon, L’Oreal and more.” (source)

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