Tasha Lufti

Website: https://tashalutfi.com Twitter: @designdivvva Who is Tasha Lufti? “Tasha Lutfi has the ability to breathe life into any vision or idea. She once said ‘show me a desert, and I will create Vegas’ signifying her knack to conceive brilliant design concepts from a wasteland. Currently, Tasha is bringing her vision and strategic insights to Microsoft […]

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Jessica Rycheal

Website: http://www.jessicarycheal.com Twitter: @JessicaRycheal Who is Jessica Rycheal? “Jessica Rycheal is a Southern interdisciplinary visual story-teller and Art Director based in Seattle, Washington. Rycheal received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Georgia Southern University. After spending a few years cultivating her talents in the southeast, Rycheal relocated to Seattle. She’s carved space […]

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Todd Bennings

Website: http://heavycreative.net Twitter: @toddbennings Who is Todd Bennings? “I’m from the same place James Brown is from. So if there’s anything I can guarantee it’s the FUNK. I’m all about places where design thinking takes precedence. Where iron sharpens iron. Where learning never stops. In the midst of creatives who work hard to make special […]

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Zaid Hisham

Website: http://zaidhisham.com Twitter: @zaidhisham Who is Zaid Hisham? “I help outdoor eCommerce retail companies make more money by using design to increase conversions. My experience spans mobile, responsive web, gaming, and desktop applications for startups, eCommerce and large software companies. I’ve worked on products for: Expedia.com Microsoft Azure Xbox One Intel Red Bull CDK Stillmotion […]

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Jon Madison

Website: http://www.jonmadison.com Twitter: @jonmadison Who is Jon Madison? “15 years professional tech industry experience, from long term creation and maintenance of products to very short experimentation cycles aiding product/market fit. I’ve been around for awhile but I always stay fresh. I’ve written lots of code, and have inspired many developers and business people throughout my […]

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