Jeremy Biggers

Website: Twitter: @Stemandthorn Who is Jeremy Biggers? “Jeremy Biggers. Award-Winning Creator. Problem Solver. Fine-Artist. Designer. Photographer. Film Maker. Based in Dallas, Texas.   Dubbed “Dallas’ Hardest Working Multi-Hyphenate” by D Magazine, from drawing to painting to graphic design to photography to film making, Jeremy Biggers has been involved with image making his entire life.  He […]

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Jarrod Ausborne

Website: Twitter: @KiddSwoosh Who is Jarrod Ausborne? “As a designer, my biggest passion is building user-centered functional products but also helping UX designers grow. Teaching them to understand that their main skill is not Sketch or Photoshop. But the ability to formulate an idea, brainstorm, and collaborate with their team to help improve it. […]

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Keith Aric Hall

Website: Twitter: @keitharichall Who is Keith Aric Hall? “I design and prototype usable experiences with elegant interactions and scalable front-end code. Using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, I explore, analyze and create solutions that seek to empower users while achieving business objectives. Experience has taught me that our first solutions are rarely the […]

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MaCherie Edwards Rust

Website: Twitter: @MacherieEdwards Who is MaCherie Edwards Rust? “Hi, I’m MaCherie, a User Experience Designer who: Knows the difference between UI and UX (and can help you out with both) Tells engaging stories that build empathy and generate user-centered experiences Checks her ego and biases at the door Believes it’s possible to create products that […]

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Chanell Shorter

Website: Twitter: @chanellshorter Who is Chanell Shorter? “I am a multi-disciplined graphic designer with an affinity for print and web. I have over 8 years experience in the field. I am also intellectually curious and thrive on collaboration. As such I enjoy working in a creative team. I also love to problem-solve and create useful, […]

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Alisha Moore

Website: Twitter: @MooreAustin Who is Alisha Moore? “Hi, I’m Alisha Moore, a graphic designer living and working in Austin, TX. I specialize in out-of-the box designs, but embrace every style – from traditional to whimsical. I hope you find something in my portfolio that moves, touches and inspires you. I have an unparalleled love for […]

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