Chanelle Henry

Website: Twitter: @Chanelle777 Who is Chanelle Henry? “Hi, I’m Chanelle Henry. I am a UX Researcher with experience in UI Design. I wrote a book, and I’m currently continuing my research studies at Duke University. I have a background in psychology, computer science, cybersecurity, art direction and problem solving. While I embrace social media, I try to spend […]

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Laith Wallace

Website: Twitter: @laithwallace Who is Laith Wallace? “Hi! I’m Laith. I’m a digital designer with over 7 years of experience in: User experience (UI/UX/IA) Brand & Identity Design Digital product design (web, mobile, web apps) Marketing & strategy I create products that simplify, delight and drive revenue. My passion is creating great experiences for […]

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Richard White

Website: Twitter: @rowhite211 Who is Richard White? “A creative professional with over 20 years of experience as a creative director, graphic designer, web designer, user experience and user interface (UX/UI) designer in all media. Recognized for improving consumer perception and global market position. Transforms ideas into successful brand building, design and interactive projects. Demonstrates […]

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Abimbola Femi-Adigun

Website: Twitter: @tanwakoku Who is Abimbola Femi-Adigun? “I’m an innovative, highly motivated and result driven User Interface/Experience Designer with about 8 years progressive experience. I have a penchant for combining creativity and cutting edge technology to provide usable solutions. I have worked on several projects that span through Print Design, Web Design and Development, […]

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Gregory Hilderbrand

Website: Twitter: @greghilderbrand Who is Gregory Hilderbrand? “I’m currently the Visual Designer for Allstate Insurance. I design app icons and interactive design concepts for iphones, ipads, androids, web pages, intranet services and print. The Creative Suite 6 programs I design with are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash. I collaborate with brilliant iOS Developers, Programmers, […]

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Stephanie Hasham

Website: Twitter: @StephHasham Who is Stephanie Hasham? “I am originally from Curaçao — the former Dutch Antilles. I have lived in the Netherlands and New York prior to moving to Atlanta in 2007. Being a Third Culture child truly lends to a global perspective in advertising and design and the ability to understand a good […]

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Maurice Novembre

Website: Twitter: @MauriceNovembre Who is Maurice Novembre? “Accomplished Applications Designer within the technological field, holding over seven years of proven experience creating conceptualized designs, functional demos and wireframes for presentations. Highly skilled in HTML and CSS programming with a strong background in storyboard/motion design for high-end clients. Outstanding managerial ability, demonstrating strong communication skills while […]

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Tosh Juma

Website: Twitter: @iTosh Who is Tosh Juma? “I am a digital designer based in Nairobi. I design with a love for User Experience. It’s central to everything I do. I am passionate about simplicity, ease of use and aesthetic beauty. The scope of my work includes strategy, interaction and visual design, as well as prototype development.” […]

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Netta Marshall

Website: Twitter: @nettatheninja Who is Netta Marshall? “I’m passionate about creating kick-ass user experiences that compell and engage, while managing to remember that the user comes first. I’m a California native; a daughter, older sister, and best friend. I’ll bake you the best damn chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever had, and check in with your cat […]

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