Joaille Araujo

Website: Twitter: @jdparaujo Who is Joaille Araujo? “I’m a user experience designer determined to use my ability to build relationships and analyze behavior to help me create tools, products, and experiences that make people’s lives easier. My designs allow users to find important information quickly in order to make well-informed decisions.” (source)

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Laith Wallace

Website: Twitter: @laithwallace Who is Laith Wallace? “Hi! I’m Laith. I’m a digital designer with over 7 years of experience in: User experience (UI/UX/IA) Brand & Identity Design Digital product design (web, mobile, web apps) Marketing & strategy I create products that simplify, delight and drive revenue. My passion is creating great experiences for […]

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Ian Gadson

Website: Twitter: @igadson Who is Ian Gadson? “Highly efficient multidisciplinary designer, innovator and thinker with over 14 years of professional experience in exciting new markets, transforming and revitalizing brands across digital, print, and mobile platforms. What makes me an asset to any team is my open mind, ability to embrace change, work ethic, attention […]

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Yakka Murphy

Website: Twitter: @yakone Who is Yakka Murphy? “With a background in creative awesomeness, I am known to be a detail oriented, naturally motivated, highly creative individual. I am a determined and organized team member with the ability to multi-task within tight deadlines. The goal of producing the best product for users at the least […]

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Richard White

Website: Twitter: @rowhite211 Who is Richard White? “A creative professional with over 20 years of experience as a creative director, graphic designer, web designer, user experience and user interface (UX/UI) designer in all media. Recognized for improving consumer perception and global market position. Transforms ideas into successful brand building, design and interactive projects. Demonstrates […]

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Preston Kent

Website: Twitter: @PrestonKent Who is Preston Kent? “I am a UX Designer, visual designer, and I do some front-end development…just a creative designer who loves solving problems. On a typical day you can find me with a pair of nice kicks, iced coffee, and the world at my fingertips while improving your everyday brands. […]

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Karelia Jo Moore

Website: Twitter: @theory143 Who is Karelia Jo Moore? “Hi. I’m Karelia (pronounced kuh reel yuh), and I enjoy designing useful products and services for people. I have a particular interest in healthcare, financial education, and the public sector. I’m currently an Experience Lead at Huge in Washington, DC, where some of the clients I’ve […]

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Keith Aric Hall

Website: Twitter: @keitharichall Who is Keith Aric Hall? “I design and prototype usable experiences with elegant interactions and scalable front-end code. Using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, I explore, analyze and create solutions that seek to empower users while achieving business objectives. Experience has taught me that our first solutions are rarely the […]

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Laura Simpson

Website: Twitter: @labmouse Who is Laura Simpson? “Laura Simpson is a user experience designer and game designer based in New York City. I am an energetic source for ideas and explosions. I make code dance and pixels quiver. I craft clarity and solutions. Interaction design is a combination of disciplines, offering different ways of […]

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Justin Johnson

Website: Twitter: @justynclark Who is Justin Johnson? “As you read this I’m most likely sipping coffee, writing and testing elegant code, contributing to Open Source in the web community while taking responsibility and command of the changes in next generation web technology, trends, and user experience. I am actively engaged with official and current […]

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Jessica Royals

Website: Twitter: @jessica_royals Who is Jessica Royals? “I’m a UX Designer creating user-centered experiences on mobile and desktop platforms—from news and information apps, to multimedia storytelling experiences, to tools for newsmakers. My ultimate satisfaction is in making experiences that are meaningful, engaging and easy to use. My approach to product design is holistic. I […]

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Mark Kamau

Website: Twitter: @Mark_Kamau Who is Mark Kamau? “I use a human centered design approach to help organizations innovate and grow. I specialize in solving problems for African contexts by employing a process that identifies latent needs and hidden opportunities, bringing new thinking, products and services to market. I believe design is the most powerful […]

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Uchechi Kalu Jacobson

Website: Twitter: @uchechi_writes Who is Uchechi Kalu Jacobson? “I am a Tech Entrepreneur, Startup Founder, Public Speaker, Wife, Runner, Wine Lover and published author. After college I started working as an online copywriter, and that led to a career in technology. One thing led to another and I found UX, and it was love […]

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Kish Hickerson

Website: Twitter: @KishHickerson Who is Kish Hickerson? “I’m a curiously creative Experience Designer well versed in a myriad of platforms. I initially entered the digital realm as a graphic designer but the pace of technology demanded otherwise. As a graphic design student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I had the opportunity […]

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MaCherie Edwards Rust

Website: Twitter: @MacherieEdwards Who is MaCherie Edwards Rust? “Hi, I’m MaCherie, a User Experience Designer who: Knows the difference between UI and UX (and can help you out with both) Tells engaging stories that build empathy and generate user-centered experiences Checks her ego and biases at the door Believes it’s possible to create products that […]

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Surah Drummer

Website: Twitter: @surahdrummer Who is Surah Drummer? “I’m a talented user experience designer with an interest in making beautiful and useful things. For over 7 years, I’ve practiced graphic design, creating printed collateral, which helped small businesses sell their products and services. As a UX designer I consult on behalf of the user to improve […]

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Abimbola Femi-Adigun

Website: Twitter: @tanwakoku Who is Abimbola Femi-Adigun? “I’m an innovative, highly motivated and result driven User Interface/Experience Designer with about 8 years progressive experience. I have a penchant for combining creativity and cutting edge technology to provide usable solutions. I have worked on several projects that span through Print Design, Web Design and Development, […]

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Gregory Hilderbrand

Website: Twitter: @greghilderbrand Who is Gregory Hilderbrand? “I’m currently the Visual Designer for Allstate Insurance. I design app icons and interactive design concepts for iphones, ipads, androids, web pages, intranet services and print. The Creative Suite 6 programs I design with are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash. I collaborate with brilliant iOS Developers, Programmers, […]

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Stephanie Hasham

Website: Twitter: @StephHasham Who is Stephanie Hasham? “I am originally from Curaçao — the former Dutch Antilles. I have lived in the Netherlands and New York prior to moving to Atlanta in 2007. Being a Third Culture child truly lends to a global perspective in advertising and design and the ability to understand a good […]

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Maurice Novembre

Website: Twitter: @MauriceNovembre Who is Maurice Novembre? “Accomplished Applications Designer within the technological field, holding over seven years of proven experience creating conceptualized designs, functional demos and wireframes for presentations. Highly skilled in HTML and CSS programming with a strong background in storyboard/motion design for high-end clients. Outstanding managerial ability, demonstrating strong communication skills while […]

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Tosh Juma

Website: Twitter: @iTosh Who is Tosh Juma? “I am a digital designer based in Nairobi. I design with a love for User Experience. It’s central to everything I do. I am passionate about simplicity, ease of use and aesthetic beauty. The scope of my work includes strategy, interaction and visual design, as well as prototype development.” […]

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Brandy Russum

Website: Twitter: @_mussur Who is Brandy Russum? “Experienced designer skilled in efficiently creating wireframes & websites using HTML5, CSS3, & JQuery as well as printed materials using industry standard software. Result-oriented communicator with a proven ability to learn & teach others effectively. Organized & able to switch rapidly between projects in fast-pace environments. Interested in […]

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Datrianna Meeks

Website: Twitter: @datriannam Who is Datrianna Meeks? “Datrianna is a UX designer and researcher. Her professional experience is a direct reflection of her interests, design and problem-solving. She has worked with multiple government agencies to deliver solutions to problems related to mobile and kiosk user experience design, user adoption, strategic communication and software implementation and […]

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