Laetitia Auguste

Website: LinkedIn: Who is Laetitia Auguste? “I’m Laetitia (leh-tee-syah), a proud Haitian Visual Designer based in New York.‍ I’m a multi-disciplinary designer raised in Port-au-prince, Haiti. My love for design sparked from illustrating graphic novels in primary school. And this eventually led me to the Art Institute of Chicago where I continued to […]

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André Lindo

Website: LinkedIn: Who is André Lindo? “As a creative product designer, my focus lies in delivering innovative ideas through a comprehensive design process. I specialize in UX and visual design, thoroughly engaging with users to understand their needs, wireframing, prototyping, and aligning with business and marketing requirements. I excel in collaborating with developers […]

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Kathleen A. Tucker

Website: Twitter: @KathleenATucke1 Who is Kathleen A. Tucker? “My experience and skill sets are extensive, having worked as a freelance graphic designer for several years prior to landing a full-time position with Kinko’s now FedEx Office. I have acquired a little over 23 combined years of design, print and web experience under my belt. […]

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Rodney Crimes

Website: Twitter: @RodneyCrimes Who is Rodney Crimes? “Hello, I’m a hybrid designer who specializes in developing brands, products, and print/digital marketing. I’ve been fortunate to work for an array of agencies and companies such as Resource Ammirati, IBM, DSW, WD Partners and Nationwide. I have learned a great deal from my decade of experience […]

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Lauren Black

Website: Twitter: @LRNBLK000000 Who is Lauren Black? “I’m a Chicago born / Los Angeles based Designer bringing a background in Visual Design along for the ride, with nearly 10 years of experience complimented by social media strategy and experiential marketing. From end to end, I aim to craft truly satisfying, intuitive, and empowering experiences […]

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Zaid Hisham

Website: Twitter: @zaidhisham Who is Zaid Hisham? “I help outdoor eCommerce retail companies make more money by using design to increase conversions. My experience spans mobile, responsive web, gaming, and desktop applications for startups, eCommerce and large software companies. I’ve worked on products for: Microsoft Azure Xbox One Intel Red Bull CDK Stillmotion […]

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Preston Kent

Website: Twitter: @PrestonKent Who is Preston Kent? “I am a UX Designer, visual designer, and I do some front-end development…just a creative designer who loves solving problems. On a typical day you can find me with a pair of nice kicks, iced coffee, and the world at my fingertips while improving your everyday brands. […]

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Gregory Hilderbrand

Website: Twitter: @greghilderbrand Who is Gregory Hilderbrand? “I’m currently the Visual Designer for Allstate Insurance. I design app icons and interactive design concepts for iphones, ipads, androids, web pages, intranet services and print. The Creative Suite 6 programs I design with are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash. I collaborate with brilliant iOS Developers, Programmers, […]

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