Vince Wanga

Website: LinkedIn: Who is Vince Wanga? “Vincent Wanga is a fine artist, designer, creative director, consultant, and entrepreneur with almost two decades of professional experience in a multitude of creative disciplines. Inspired by art, film, architecture, technology, and travel, he has explored the world collecting creative inspiration while collaborating with a diverse constituency […]

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Nabeeh Bilal

Website: Twitter: @nabeehbilal Who is Nabeeh Bilal? “Hey, I’m Nabeeh (Na-bee) and I have gifted hands. My skill set includes Illustration, graphic design, front-end web development (coding), animation, and creative direction.   In 2010, I co-founded CreativeJunkFood, LLC, a multimedia creative studio based in the Ward 8 region of Washington, DC.   In 2013, I […]

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Robert Generette III

Website: Twitter: @Rob_Zilla_III Who is Robert Generette III? “Hello. I draw stuff…with my iPad Pro. Since the age of three, I’ve been imitating life and expressing myself through lines. With age, I’ve honed my skills, sought formal training and mastered techniques in both traditional and digital mediums. As of late, my focus is on […]

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James Scott

Website: Twitter: @JamesCScottIII Who is James Scott? “My name is James. I am a Software Engineer who has been blessed with an interesting journey since I left Virginia that took me to Portland, Oregon and to Silicon Valley. Now, I reside in the Washington, D.C. metro area. I really like to dabble in everything.” […]

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Aaron Colby Williams

Website: Twitter: @aboutaaron Who is Aaron Colby Williams? “Aaron Williams is a graphics reporter at the Washington Post. He has worked for the San Francisco Chronicle, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and the Los Angeles Times. He specializes in full-stack development, data analysis and data visualization.” (source)

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Arneice Hart

Website: Twitter: @arneicehart Who is Arneice Hart? “Hi, I’m Arneice, a multidisciplinary designer, and Sr. Product Designer at Capital One Bank, in Washington, DC. I’ve spent the last 10 years connecting innovative brands, like Google, ClassPass, Karma, and Vita Coco, to audiences that crave a functional, yet beautiful, digital experience. In the process, I’ve developed […]

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Joaille Araujo

Website: Twitter: @jdparaujo Who is Joaille Araujo? “I’m a user experience designer determined to use my ability to build relationships and analyze behavior to help me create tools, products, and experiences that make people’s lives easier. My designs allow users to find important information quickly in order to make well-informed decisions.” (source)

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Karelia Jo Moore

Website: Twitter: @theory143 Who is Karelia Jo Moore? “Hi. I’m Karelia (pronounced kuh reel yuh), and I enjoy designing useful products and services for people. I have a particular interest in healthcare, financial education, and the public sector. I’m currently an Experience Lead at Huge in Washington, DC, where some of the clients I’ve […]

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Whit Robinson

Website: Twitter: @whitrobi Who is Whit Robinson? “With a BFA in Communication Arts and Design, Whit has gained extensive experience designing projects for both government and private industry clients. A team player committed to understanding client needs and exceeding expectations since 1993. He’s a strategic thinker with experience taking projects from concept to award-winning […]

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Jessica Royals

Website: Twitter: @jessica_royals Who is Jessica Royals? “I’m a UX Designer creating user-centered experiences on mobile and desktop platforms—from news and information apps, to multimedia storytelling experiences, to tools for newsmakers. My ultimate satisfaction is in making experiences that are meaningful, engaging and easy to use. My approach to product design is holistic. I […]

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Terry Biddle

Website: Twitter: @TBiddy Who is Terry Biddle? “Terry Biddle (a.k.a. as T. Biddy and Biddy) is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, type designer, writer and humorist. A graduate of Howard University and Pratt Institute, Terry draws from a background in fine art, film production, writing, and comedy performance. Terry has studied and performed […]

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