Rinny Perkins

Website: https://www.rinnyriot.com Twitter: @rinnyriot Who is Rinny Perkins? “Rinny Perkins is a Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary visual artist, actor and writer. Born and raised in Third Ward, Houston, TX, her art nods to the 70s Blaxploitation nostalgia she was exposed to as child. Rinny uses both her comedic writing and performing to emphasis on the intersections […]

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Chaz Bottoms

Website: https://www.chazbottoms.com Twitter: @ChazzyMcFly Who is Chaz Bottoms? “Chaz Bottoms is a director, animator, writer and owner of CBA Studios. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, he received his BFA in Animation from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Currently living in Los Angeles, CA. His work has appeared in Toonboom, AfroPunk, Vibe Magazine, ImFromCleveland.com and Saint Heron. Chaz’s […]

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Annika Hansteen-Izora

Website: https://www.annikaizora.com Twitter: @annikaizora Who is Annika Hansteen-Izora? “What’s good? I’m Annika (she/they/he). I’m an artist, writer, and designer based in Brooklyn, NY on unceded Lenape land. I explore the intersections of design, radical Black imagination, art and technology to create ecosystems rooted in dreaming and care. As of late, I’ve been exploring the topics […]

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Schessa Garbutt

Website: https://schessa.com/ Twitter: @the_schessa Who is Schessa Garbutt? “Schessa Garbutt (she/they) is the founder and creative force behind Firebrand. While her core creative talents lie in brand identity design, she is also an avid writer, speaker, and blossoming type designer. Recently at SF Design Week she gave a talk titled ‘Black Lives Matter is Not […]

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Julius Harper

Website: https://www.juliusharper.com/ Twitter: @JHarpIt Who is Julius Harper? “I’m a creative producer based in LA. For over a decade, I’ve worked at the crossroads of entertainment and tech. I’ve developed, produced and overseen dozens of projects, including TV episodes, digital shorts and interactive specials for brands like Disney, Netflix, Dreamworks and YouTube. I have years […]

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Diamond James

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diamondjamesdesign/ Twitter: @Diamond_J_James Who is Diamond James? “I design, write well, and lead. I am a extrovert designing ways local government can respond to residents’ needs, increase equity, and improve customer service for residents. My role is three-pronged: I lead strategy on how Mayor Garcetti’s Innovation Team can best learn from residents, City employees […]

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Kamilah Taylor

Photo: Jo Chou Website: https://www.kamilahtaylor.com/ Twitter: @kamilah Who is Kamilah Taylor? “Kamilah Taylor is an engineer, writer, entrepreneur and a public speaker who hails from the tiny island of Jamaica and currently resides in San Francisco. She currently does mobile at Gusto, a startup that does payroll and benefits for small businesses. She previously worked […]

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Ari Curtis

Website: https://www.byaricurtis.com/ Twitter: @ari_curtis Who is Ari Curtis? “I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and designer. My writing generally explores the way media and culture interact with our lived experiences—for instance, the intersections of “reality” and reality, race and gender, and movements and the media that covers them.” (source, abridged)

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Donna Lamar

Website: http://www.stalkingmuses.com Twitter: @StalkingMuses Who is Donna Lamar? “Donna Lamar is an award winning creative and production professional with over 15 years of executive level management experience. She lives in Los Angeles and works with global brands and entertainment companies crafting multiplatform content from ideation through production. Transmedia storytelling is her expertise. From head of […]

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Jared Erondu

Website: http://jarederondu.com Twitter: @erondu Who is Jared Erondu? “I’m a writer and designer from Brooklyn, living in San Francisco. In the past, I’ve worked with Evomail (co-founder), Omada Health, Envato, TED, and Treehouse among others. Currently co-founder & editor of The Industry, and design lead at Lift. Advising companies here and there.” (source)

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